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The EDR Group, known in the industry as a Power-House of technical expertise, professional excellence and undeniable trust, has proven its worth with growing time. With all its efficiencies, is a mark of the very high degree of business ethics, professional integrity and technological excellence? A superior information and research analysis system and more than thirteen branches across the nation have enabled fair and environment-friendly business deals to acquire a place in its portfolio. A brilliant team of highly intellectual professionals, the EDR Group has now set a new milestone Hadeed Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd.
With 29 years of experience, Hadeed Engineering is one of the largest manufacturers of metal replacement crash parts. Originally the company was established in 1994 as Allied Engineering. Allied Engineering was taken over by EDR Group in the year 2012 with the focus of production line expansion and future growth and later in 2020 renamed as Hadeed Engineering. In the era of rapidly changing technology and innovative manufacturing techniques, Hadeed Engineering is focused on Quality, Technology, Innovation, and Customer Service to provide the best service and high-quality products to our customers. Our products cover fenders, hoods, bumpers, doors, body, etc. as per customer requirements. We can develop any metal parts for auto industries as per Individual needs. Our goal is to provide value-added products to customers and those in the distribution network, to maintain leadership in the growing in industry. with Hadeed Engineering, EDR Group is all set to storm the world of metal replacement crash parts across the nation